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Addressing fans

Avangard is one of the most popular hockey clubs not only in our country, but also all over Europe. Since the first year of commissioning of Arena Omsk, it has been among the most-visited rinks of the continent. Avangard away games are visited by such a number of people wearing red-white-black jerseys that they often cheer louder than home fan sector. Hawks were awarded this status thanks to you - loyal fans who stay with the team in the days of victories, and in the minutes of losses. There is no other club in Russia that is supported as passionately as Avangard!

If there are no fans, any sport loses its meaning. That is totally clear. We always aim at being at the same page with our fans. Fortunately, Avangard fans are known for their great souls and Siberian hospitality. In Omsk no seats at the stands have ever been crashed, all the provocations of guests from other cities have been ignored. Our fans’ cheering became a distinguishing feature known to all clubs of the league.

Dear fan! Our club and our players will always do everything possible so that each game of our team is bright and emotional on ice and off ice. The army of true fans of Avangard is becoming more and more numerous from year to year, and the geography of our formal and informal fan clubs is constantly growing both in Russia and abroad. Omsk hockey school, junior team, main team and our fans are indivisible parts of big Avangard hockey club family. Together we are moving forward and together we are winning!

Values and attributes of a fan

Songs, cheers and chants, banners and flags give perfect opportunity to react to what is happening on the ice and around it. Chants help us cheer and motivate our team to move forward to great wins. If you have come to see Avangard playing, do put everything else behind and support the team with all your heart.

Any cheer or chant becomes senseless if performed incorrectly. We all know what happens when there is no unity in the fan sector and uncoordinated chants are heard. Unity and energy create a winning atmosphere in arena.

If you are at the fan sector - follow the leader, he will demonstrate how to perform this or that chant. Listen to other fans around you, and if someone does it wrong or loses the beat, help and correct him or her. The beat is ensured by the drums, but you should not rely only on drummers. If each of you supports the beat by clapping hands - it will do good! Have no mercy on your hands!

Add colors to our fan sector! You should always have and wear branded merchandise and accessories at any game. We do not need faceless dark jackets! You are to be wearing club jerseys, hoodies, baseball caps and scarves. Do your best to appear in club outfit even if you are coming straight from work or school! Every fan represents club colors! Feel free to grab red-and-black flag. Let’s support “Avangard” in high-energy and eye-filling way.

Fan Club history

Omsk hockey fan movement started its existence in the winter of 1987 after the construction of Irtysh sports complex, that was later renamed Blinov sports and concert complex. At that time, young people of students age were gathering in Section 10 of sports complex and were intensively supporting hockey players with some simple cheers and chants. A couple of homemade scarves and one-two small flags – that was all that the pioneers of Omsk fan movement had. People at fan sector got acquainted with each other, shared their impressions, offered their own projects of supporting favorite team – this was the way how the core group of Avangard was formed.

During 1987-1988 season Avangard was jockeying for a place in the first league, and it affected attendance immediately. At that time the “problem of an extra ticket” began to arise, and the 10th “fan sector” kept on welcoming newcomers. In the spring of 1988, the first organized trip of fans took place. 10 people headed to back-to-back games in Novosibirsk. Avangard finished the 87-88 season triumphantly, having won a place in the first league based on its results. It was a moment of truth when everyone believed in the team. And most importantly - the 10th sector was filled with more and more young people who actively supported Avangard. The number of fans at home games reached 150 people.

On August 15, 2000 a decision was made to create a fan club of Omsk Avangard in Omsk and call it “Bloodyhawks”. A. Mashinsky, or simply “Patriarch,” was named the president. He had attended games of his favorite team even in such cities as Khabarovsk and Sheffield (and later, in the 2000/01 season, he was the first man in the history of the Russian Super League who had “gold season” meaning that he had attended all games of Avangard).

At the dawn of the XXI century, first Avangard fan clubs began to appear in Moscow uniting Omsk people who had moved from the city but never stopped loving hockey. Avangard fans living in Europe had more and more possibilities to stay in touch with the team - dozens of red-white-black fans gathered at “hawks” training camps in Switzerland and Germany. Today, Avangard fans can be found not only throughout Russia, but also throughout Europe, as well as over the seas.

Geography of HC Avangard fans

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Today the club has a system of working with fans

Yegor Golosov is the fan relations manager. You can contact him regarding any issues related to the life of Avangard fans, as well as booking tickets for away games of our team.

Тел. +7 968 618 54 54
Email: golosov.ea@hc-avangard.com

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