Fan-Sector Rules


Dear Avangard fans!

Please note that when buying tickets to the fan sector, you need to know and understand the following:

1. Fan Sector is the sector that strongly and actively supports our team during each game.

2. Fans remain standing during the game

3. Fan Sector actively supports Avangard regardless of the situation on the ice.

4. Sound and noise support of the team is initiated by a small well-established group of fans, the rest of the fans take up and join.

5. Vulgar language, drunken condition and misbehavior are not acceptable, as many season ticket holders come to the fan sector with children.

6. If you don’t know / don’t understand something, it’s better to ask one of the leaders (you will identify these people easily) or a person with the Organizer badge. They will always be happy to help and assist you.

7. It is advisable to come to the fan sector wearing branded merchandise, or at least clothes of the club colors. Nice visual picture of the sector is already a third of success!

Our fans are very loud, but positive and friendly. They will always be glad to see you if you respect the above rules!

Avangard needs your support!

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